Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

The wearing of a man wedding ring is a relatively modern phenomenon. So is the use of Titanium in Titanium mens rings.

One of the newest and classiest of the modern jewelry materials, Titanium is setting a standard in the looks of contemporary mens wedding bands.
Despite this, mens titanium rings are reasonably hard to find in your local jewelry store. Unfortunately titanium hasn’t quite made it into the consciousness of your local jewelry merchant. So if you want to find the ultimate in contemporary male jewelry, including men’s titanium rings, you have to look further affield.

Enter the internet. There is a world of choice on the net for the modern couple searching for the ideal contemporary design mens titanium wedding band.

But first, what is titanium?

Titanium is a naturally occurring element, not an alloy. In other words it isn’t just a mixture of two or more different metals to produce a third one, as alloys are. That is not to say that Titanium cannot be alloyed with other metals, just that Titanium itself is not an alloy.

It is in fact often alloyed with other metals for jewelry making to make it harder, although all Titanium including pure Titanium makes a fine jewelry material.
For the more chemically minded amongst us, Titanium is listed in the periodic table as a natural element, atomic number 22. It was named in 1795 after the god Titan.
Titanium can even be found in space rocks. The Apollo 17 mission brought back rocks with up to 12% Titanium in them.

Because of it’s natural properties Titanium has been primarily used in the aerospace industry, and only more recently applied to jewelry making. But why is Titanium such a great material for making mens wedding bands? A number of reasons.

Firstly it is very hard, much harder than traditional ring materials such as gold and silver. It is extremely lightweight, corrosion resistant and very strong. It is so strong in fact that rings are fashioned out of a solid block of metal, so make sure that you get your size right as resizing is usually not an option.

It is hypoallergenic, meaning that it cannot produce skin reactions or allergies as can be found with some other ring materials, though rare.

But the real reason is that it looks great! Titanium can be shaped into a wide variety of styles. It can also be colored into a stunning range of colors which can be mixed and matched.

For this reason the range of choices in mens Titanium wedding bands is much greater than for a more traditional material such as gold for example. Although gold can be altered to offer a small range of different colours, it is basically gold colored. Titanium offers a much wider range of choices in color.

Titanium also offers a choice of finish, most commonly satin, matt or polished.

Black Titanium mens wedding rings are amongst the most eye catching of all the Titanium rings. Black Titanium rings are usually a mix of black Titanium coupled with another color as an all black ring can be overpowering. But a contemporary style mens black Titanium ring is almost the ultimate in chic for the man who wants to make a statement.

Mens Titanium rings can be coupled with a wide range of precious gemstones, including diamonds, to add effect. And as Titanium is so strong it is also possible to buy tension set titanium rings.

What are these? Well the strength of the material is used to suspend a gemstone, say a diamond, between the two ends of the ring so that the gemstone is almost hanging in space in the ring. A totally modern look.

The strength of the Titanium keeps it there.

And for the more creatively minded amongst us it is possible to design your own mens Titanium ring. There are online jewellers who offer the option of making up a design for your Titanium ring that is unique only to you. You decide exactly what style, color or mix of colors you want.

Want to add a gemstone? Or more than one? Where do you want to put it in the ring? It’s all up to you.

There is no doubt that the older traditional materials used for making rings make beautiful rings. Gold or silver rings are still high on the list of choices for many men, and modern ring designs in these materials are also impressive.

But the modern man who has decided to wear his marital status on his finger shouldn’t buy a ring before he looks at the range of
Titanium mens wedding rings.

The only difficulty is making up your mind which one!

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Wedding Trend in 2008: a Predictions

We talked now about the 2008 wedding predictions. Well I looked the some favourites and popular bridal publications - but you know what is HOT on the coasts...does not necessarily trickle down to some of my predictions are based on local experience.

1. AFTER PARTIES - couples are wanting to keep the party going way after midnight by going to a secondary location with their guests. They may not sponsor the party, but they will plan for it.

2. BANQUET/FAMILY STYLE - is coming back here to the Tri-State. We are also seeing more and more people using the square tables (two banquets bumped together). Mix and match at the reception with the table sizes!

3. HOT COLOR -They said that pink is the hot color for 2008. I think it is beautiful, but I foresee it not being as popular until later this year. Instead, I prediction the color chocolate to continue on from last year and start showing up earlier in the year (not just in the fall).

4. REMOVING TRADITIONS - Couples are opting to plan their reception, their way. That may mean: less speeches, no garter/bouquet toss, and multiple desserts offered (instead of just the cake).

5. DETAILS ON THE WEDDING DRESS - Very popular around here is the wedding dress that gets bunched up and tucked. Also - look for more details on the back of the wedding dresses....

Whats about yours?

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Where to go on your Honeymoon?

Weddings are stressful. No matter how much planning and preparation you do the stress levels never seem to go down. There always seems to be that opportunity for things to go wrong. So why not reward yourself with a fantastic holiday at the end of it?

One of the biggest things the bride and groom have to look forward to is their Honeymoon. Personally I would never recommend delaying the honeymoon particularly for work commitments. You will find you need this time to chill after an enjoyable but stressful period.

The Wedding Day takes so much preparation and planning that the Honeymoon is the ideal way for the bride and groom to relax, de-stress and enjoy their first few days or weeks of married life together.

Where to go on your Honeymoon can be as big a decision as any of the other Wedding Day decisions you have just spent weeks if not months making. Do you both like the same things when on holiday or are you going to have to find compromise with your Honeymoon destination?

Some of the more popular Honeymoon choices are all-inclusive resorts where everything is paid for in advance. For a Honeymoon this can be the ideal choice after the expense of the Wedding. You can order snacks, meals and refreshments without worry about a final bill.

Many people envisage themselves on Honeymoon relaxing surf side with a cocktail in hand, the sun high in the sky and everything done for you. But if that's not your idea of a good time then why not Honeymoon somewhere that little bit different. Honeymoon in the mountains at a secluded ski resort has a certain appeal.

What time of year your Wedding takes place can have a bearing on where you choose for your Honeymoon destination. If you have chosen a winter wedding then you may want to continue the theme whilst on Honeymoon and a ski resort with roaring fire is ideal. Maybe you want the complete opposite and are looking for some winter sun on Honeymoon.

Whatever it is that you are looking for on Honeymoon spending time with your partner after the stress of the Wedding is the most important thing. Use your Honeymoon to unwind and relax and wherever you go.....have a ball!

by: Lorna Mclaren

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Getting Fantastic Deals on the Wedding Clothing

If you are planning to have a full wedding that includes bridesmaids, and groomsmen etc. it could run you a great deal of money to cover your gown as well as the other women and men’s clothing as well.

Bridesmaid’s dresses get more and more costly with every extra woman in the wedding party. When you are deciding how much money you can afford to spend on the wedding clothes, you have to consider the fittings and the flowers or accessories as well.

If you can, you might do better to allow for casual wear for the bridesmaids so that they can wear less expensive dresses or skirts. This is particularly good if you are planning an outdoor or beach wedding.

The less formal the ceremony, the less money that you are required to spend. Perhaps that is why outdoor ceremonies are getting more and more popular these days.

You can also save money on the ladies dresses by purchasing them off season from a bridal store. You can always shop for out of season or discontinued dresses as a means of getting great discounts on gorgeous dresses. If you really want to, you can ask that your bridesmaids forget about the wedding shower gifts in favor of buying their dresses. That is a common compromise that is made these days.

If the cost of the dresses is really going to be a matter of stress for you, just reduce the bridesmaids to just having a maid/matron of honor and a best man only for the groom.

Many couples opt to forego the extras all together and simply do not have anyone standing up with them at all. After all, there is no law that states that you have to have a maid of honor or best man present during the ceremony.

When it comes to the tuxedos for the male participants and the groom, you can often find good deals when renting if you just shop around. It helps is you limit the number of participants if you must in order to reduce costs or if the men involved have their own tuxedos already.

Either way, research and comparison shopping really is the best chance.

You can also choose to rent the ladies gowns as well as the tuxedos. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that they will wear once. Or spend that much money on many dresses that you will never be worn more than once.

Many bridal shops will let you rent a dress rather than buy one. The only difference with rented dresses is that you have to take it as is. They are not custom fitted to you. Other than that, you can save hundreds of dollars doing this.

Wearing your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress is also an option; especially if your are choosing a period theme where the dress was used. For example, if you are wearing your grandmother’s dress and the dress was worn in the 40’s, you can make the 40’s your wedding theme.

If the dress is your mother’s from the 60’s or 70’s, you can do the same thing. It will save you money and provides you with a fun theme.

You can also opt to make your own dress from scratch. Many women are choosing to go with home made pieces because they can get truly original in the make of the dress and the style.

It can be made in any fashion that you like and of any material also. Making your own dress is a good way to save money and it is also guaranteed to make sure that no one else has the same style as you.

When you make it yourself, you are guaranteed a custom fit without paying a custom price.

Finally, you can save bundles on your whole wedding party clothing, including the wedding dress by dressing according to your theme.

For example, if you choose a Hawaiian theme, you can wear island clothes. As part of your theme, you can dress in costumes to make the festivities more fun and as an added bonus; you can make the guests and wedding party dress in costume too.

You can also get a good deal by buying your wedding items at vintage or used stores. Many people bring back their wedding clothing after they have used so that they can recoup some of their money later.

This is a great way to save money for you and the rest of your wedding party. Used clothing items can also be found in bridal shops or tuxedo warehouses because the average person doesn’t wear these items more than once and because of this they will return it to the store that they got it from later.

When you are not afraid of vintage clothing, you can find some truly beautiful designer clothing for great prices. Some of the stores that offer used items will not force you to buy them, but they may request that you pay a bit of an extra fee for dry cleaning etc.

Either way, you will still be saving yourself a great deal of money that you would spend if you bought your items outright.

by: Mike Lindsey

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Searching the perfect wedding ring

Mostly, most of the love birds will go together in a quest searching for their perfect wedding rings. This way, both parties have the chance to discuss what they like, dislike, and in the end, make sure that the final selection is the one they both agree. This way is great if the couple want to have similar ring in design. 3 things to consider are :

  1. Ornament. Couple can decide whether they want their ring to be plain, moderately ornated, or full ornated.
  2. Size. The best thing attending the store together is couple can get their ring size right on the spot. Try it first, just like you buy a shoes so there's no chance of slipping rings during ceremony ;-)
  3. Matching band is less pricey. Everything in a set is usually less pricey compare to buying it separately. So, this matching wedding ring will cost you less. That means you can allocate the money to another post
When both parties can't meet a decision, the last resource is to buy a completely different wedding ring. So this way, bride and groom can choose the ring that match their heart's desire. The bride are happy with her petite white gold ring with diamond as its ornament, and the groom is confident with his plain gold ring. Even though couple are deciding to have not matching wedding ring, it's best to be advised to keep searching the ring together, so both will learn each other's preferences. At last, as long as the bride and groom are happy with their own selection and honor what is important to each other, the wedding ring will have the true meaning.

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Wedding Ring: 14k Yellow Gold Round Diamond Solitaire

Whether you give it as a wedding ring, an engagement ring or a promise ring, this diamond solitaire ring is a classic choice.

Crafted from 14 karat yellow gold, it showcases a single genuine round-cut diamond, with a weight of 1/4 carat.

The diamond is held securely in a raised prong setting of 14 karat white gold. The diamond featured in this ring has a color grading of J-K, meaning it ranges from near colorless to a faint yellow.

It has a clarity rating of I3 and contains some visible inclusions.

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Wedding Dresses – The Latest Trends!

Wedding dresses are such an opportunity for any bride to show their unique sense of style and to really make a fashion statement. Gone are the days of the plain ‘meringue’ style wedding dresses with a little cute well-placed bow; now we are daring to be different!

In fact, one of the latest trends is to offer wedding dresses that can be used again. Not only is this a great idea from a budget point of view, but it is also reflective of the simple lines that are part of the modern trend in wedding dresses. Arguably, this fashion is due to the ever increasing age of first time brides as well as the large number of second weddings.

Wedding Dresses for the Winter Wedding
Whenever we think about wedding dresses, we automatically think of a warm, summer’s day, with a crisp, wafting white dress to match. However, there is a growing trend towards winter weddings. Winter wedding dresses may not be pure white and are often the preferred choice for second time brides.

Trends in winter wedding dresses include deep red colored dresses or dresses that include a large amount of black. Another great idea is to include a fur collar, or long fake fur coat. If you love a touch of luxury and you want something a little different, then winter wedding dresses may just be the thing for you!

Wedding Dresses for the Summer Wedding
The key to summer wedding dresses, this year, is color. Many wedding dresses are now using substantial amounts of colored fabric to add a classic touch to an otherwise traditional white or cream dress.

Weddings are becoming much more sophisticated; generally, brides will select a theme that they will maintain throughout all aspects of their wedding. Wedding dresses must, of course, fit into this theme and as such colors and accessories are vital. Popular, seasonal colors for wedding dresses include lilac, pink, blue and yellow. Often, brides will choose a half-color theme where the bodice is colored or the skirt is colored, but the other half of the dress is kept in a plain cream or white.

Subtle is the name of the game with modern wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses – Standing Out From the Crowd
Today, wedding dresses are all different; no-one wants to look the same as the next bride and, naturally, brides go to extreme lengths to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. Of course everyone wants to do so in a classy and not trashy way! It seems that individually designed wedding dresses are the way of the future. By commissioning a made to measure dress you can make sure that it fits perfectly, is exactly what you want and above all, is unique.

Wedding dresses are an expression of your personality, so don’t hold back; let your imagination run wild!

by: Elsie Gilbert

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Grooms Get Personal With Their Rings

With this ring, or maybe that ring, grooms have more choices than ever before.
Once upon a time the plain gold band was the only choice for a man’s wedding ring. While brides-to-be deliberated over filigree, gem stones and other detailing, grooms simply told the jeweler their finger size and went on their way. But times have changed.

Today grooms have a host of options, from intricately detailed to customized creations. Wedding rings come in a variety of styles, metals and finishes to fit the personality of every groom. The trend today is definitely about individual style.

While gold will always be a popular choice, other metals are currently gaining favor. “Many men are stepping outside the box to personalize their wedding band by using alternative metals to express their individuality,” says Marsha Bryant, senior buyer for 18K gold and platinum at ShopNBC. “This season, men’s rings are both functional and fashionable.”

Platinum, a silver-colored precious metal, is a big trend right now. According to the Platinum Guild International, the number of brides and grooms choosing platinum rings has reached 40 percent. A matte finish is hot right now, as it gives a subdued, modern look. While more expensive than gold, it is also more durable, making it a good choice for those who work with their hands.

No longer just a girl’s best friend, many grooms are adding diamonds to their rings. Nothing over the top, according to wedding Web site, These rings give just a bit of sparkle, often in a style that compliments the bride’s ring. Most popular are channel-set or gypsy-set stones that offer a flush mounting and secure fit.

For a personal look, many grooms are adding special details. Custom engraving is a great option for grooms who want a ring unique to them. Rings like the Personalized Message Ring from ShopNBC allow couples to imprint names, dates or a special phrase on the outside of the ring, creating a treasured family heirloom. Some grooms are creating jewelry wardrobes by matching key pieces. “Rings that compliment watchband styles were recently introduced at this season’s international jewelry shows,” says Bryant.

Many grooms unaccustomed to wearing jewelry are discovering the newest ring metal: titanium. This lightweight, durable metal comes in either satin or polished finishes, often with an accent stripe of gold. Titanium rings provide an up-to-date look at an affordable price.

When shopping for a ring, remember to check for marks that indicate you’re getting the metal you pay for. Gold is stamped according to its karat: 14K or 18K. Platinum is marked with PLAT, PT, PT950 or IRIDPLAT. Look for a ring that not only matches your taste, but also your life. Intricate carvings will catch debris, and may not be a good choice for those who engage in messy work. Matte finishes tend to show scratches more quickly. And some people are sensitive to metals and may have skin allergies that make one metal a more desirable choice than another.

Take your time when selecting a ring. Remember, long after the tuxedos have been returned and the limo ride has ended, your wedding ring will be with you each moment to remind you of your lasting commitment.

By Courtesy of ARA Content

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Dressing, the Mother-of-the-Bride

So you are getting married. You are so excited infact your whole family is so excited! What do you want as a present? What will your hair be like? Are you really going to wear that color of dress? All questions that may be fired at you during the course of the next few months. But one question can strike fear and trepidation into the strongest of brides. What is your mother going to wear?

The mother-of-the-bride outfit is probably the most talked about outfit other than what the bride is wearing. Not even the grooms choice of morning suit, kilt or sneakers and jeans will be talked about as much as what the mother-of-the-bride will be wearing.

Even if bride and mother-of-the-bride have a fantastic relationship outside of wedding planning, when it comes to what your mother is going to wear on your wedding day things can go horribly wrong!

She will have dreamt about this day from the moment you first opened your eyes and stared into hers. She will have planned and re-planned her outfit several times, over each decade that has passed, hopefully moving with the times!

She will have a definate idea of the image she wishes to project and how she wants to look on this wonderous day and hopefully that will coincide with your own ideas.

If you are lucky she will co-ordinate with the rest of the bridal party and your photographs will be a riot of harmonious color. If you fall into the not so lucky catergory then the photographer may experience diffculty placing her beside someone she doesnt clash with or horror of horrors the mother-of-the-groom turns up in the same dress!!!

If your parents have divorced and re-married then this situation can actually get worse. You only have one mother and she carries the mother-of-the-bride mantle but people, and its just human nature, will be looking at your fathers second wife's oufit almost as closely as the mother-of-the-bride's.

I did hear a story where a bride in this situation suddenly realised that the two women in question had indeed bought the same dress. Approaching her mother tactfully she mentioned that it might be an idea to take back the dress as she would have no other appropriate celebration to wear it to. Her mother smiled and replied that of course she would get another dress for her daughters big day but would be wearing the original dress to the wedding rehearsal dinner!

When is comes down to it the main thing is that everyone is happy and it would be foolish to let a disagreement over a mother-of-the-bride dress get in the way of your wedding. Always remember girls one day you may be the mother-of-the-bride!

by: Lorna Mclaren

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Affordable Wedding Jewelry

Finding the right wedding jewelry is an extremely important aspect of the ceremony because the wedding bands in particular will be worn by the bride and groom forever. Wedding bands have gotten to be a great deal more ornate than they used to be. Diamond wedding bands have reached a peak in recent thanks to the celebrities who proudly display theirs.

Wedding bands have even surpassed the usual gold and are now moving into platinum and titanium bands. It used to be that 10k gold rings were the “in” thing to buy and these days they are looked down upon by most couples who would prefer to buy their gold in 14k or higher.

Simple diamonds are still a popular buy, but colored diamonds are gaining momentum thanks to J-Lo’s pink princess cut diamond ring with Ben Affleck. Other popular diamond colors are yellow, blue and aquamarine.

With the ever growing popularity of platinum rings, many couples are looking to shining silver and white gold as a cheaper substitute. White gold has a similar look of platinum, but is a fraction of the price. It is a great alternative.

In the past, the men’s ring was often of little concern to either as long as the woman’s ring was attractive, but these days, men want a nice ring or diamond studded ring almost as much as the women do.

Beautiful ring sets can be found from nearly any source. If you can afford it, you can locate good deals on sets at jewelry stores.

For the most part, the entire wedding ceremony is completely symbolic and that symbolism reaches its peak the moment the rings are exchanged.

Knowing this, can it really be a wonder that the chosen rings are just as important as the chosen couple?

You can virtually choose to go with any type of ring from any source. These days even department stores are offering great knock offs to the popular celebrity rings at extreme discounts.

The popular ring worn by J-Lo; which was a platinum pink diamond ring with a princess cut and accented with two white diamonds on either side can now be purchased at Wal-Mart in a white gold setting with zirconia’s and pink topaz stones.

Wedding bands still look better in a plain band style, but some people might prefer to accent the bands with diamonds. Whatever your taste is, you can pretty much find the right bands for you and your spouse to be anywhere.

All you really need to do is decide what look you want; what style that you want; and how much money you can afford to pay and then go on your search.

In order to get the best overall deals, you should comparison shop online. If you do it soon enough, you can have the bands ready way before the ceremony.

by: Mike Lindsey

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