Weddings are for a Lifetime, So.. Cam It

Weddings are such a fun thing to experience in life. No matter who you are, lets face it, Weddings are fun to not just go to, but to be in! So how do you make sure you’re Wedding is the Wedding that everyone is talking about months later? Here are some sure fire ways to not only make a rememberable day for your guests, you and your spouse, but to also really remember for the months and years to come.

First off, a Videographer, they are the new hype in the Wedding industry now days. All you here about lately is “I had my Wedding video done just like a Hollywood movie!” and “Cinematic Wedding Videos are the way to go!”

So what exactly is a Wedding Videographer? Well, like a Photographer, a Wedding Videographer is capturing not only still shot photos, but who is also capturing your Wedding day in motion. Snap shot photos are of course wonderful to have at a Wedding, but let me ask you a question. With a snap shot, can you hear a speech from the Best Man and Maid of Honor? With a snap shot, can you watch you and your new Spouse dance to your first dance song, that same dance you practiced so many hours rehearsing? Or, can you hear the vows given by your Spouse during you Wedding Ceremony? The answer is No. With Photography you cannot capture life in motion, but with Videography you can!

Make sure that when you are picking a Wedding Videographer you watch their demos and check out their style and make sure that it is a style that you would like portrayed in your Wedding Video. Many Videographers now a days are very versatile and will easily be able to capture that perfect country Wedding, or a hip-hop Wedding and will be able to make the video personalized to you and your Spouses personal style and taste.

So make sure, when planning your Wedding that you first book your Videographer. Wedding Videography is becoming quite popular, quite fast and sometimes there are not enough Videographers to go around.

Other important things to consider while planning a wedding are the color and theme of the wedding. Guests can tell when attention to detail is not paid attention to. Make sure that the colors of your Wedding fit the time of year and the theme of the Wedding. Saying that, also make sure that the food fits the theme of the Wedding and colors as well. For example, if you are having a country Wedding in the summer time in the mountains and the colors are purple and green, a good choice of food would be a barbeque with potatoes, salads and rolls. Another example, a winter Wedding in the city with the colors beaming gold, silver, black and white deserves entrees including fish and shrimp, pasta salads, etc.

So make sure that you first find that Videographer that meets all your needs then make sure to really watch you themes, colors, and foods, as those are the top four thing to really pay attention to for planning a Wedding.

By: Juhlin Youlein

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Handmade Soap Makes Great Wedding Favors

There is no reason why you cannot make your own wedding favors and have them turn out just as beautifully as if you purchased them from an expensive wedding store or planner. However, by creating your own handmade wedding favors, you can save a great deal of money and have complete control over the creative aspects of your project. This can be very handy if you are on a budget and is a great way to get friends and family involved in your wedding.

Favors for wedding and bridal showers can be as simple as you like. One of the most interesting types of favors that you may consider making is handmade soap wedding favors. Handmade soap makes excellent favors for weddings, especially because you can completely customize the favors that you make, giving the guests to your wedding a unique and exciting gift that they can cherish for a good long time.

On the outside, the soap making process may sound like a truly impossible endeavor to you, but there are actually easy ways for you to turn basic soap making supplies into some truly beautiful handmade soap favors. If you make use of glycerin soap base, for example, you can find yourself creating beautiful and functional wedding favors in no time at all. These personalized gifts are truly ideal for favors both for weddings as bridal showers as well.

You can buy soap making supplies either from your local craft store, or over the internet. All you need to get started is the glycerin soap base, molds to make the shapes of the soap and essential oils, colorants or other additives to add your own creative flair. The actual soap making process only takes about three simple steps. The first step when it comes to soap making using glycerin is simply to melt the glycerin soap base. The second step is to add the colorants and the scented oils. If you plan on adding anything else to your soap, such as dried herbs or oatmeal, do so now. Finally, you are going to want to pour the soap into the molds, allowing each bar to cool and harden completely.

For simple decoration, wrap each individual soap wedding favor in butcher paper or wax paper, and use some ribbon or some raffia to tie it all together. You may also consider designing the packaging a different way, just make sure that you customize it to suit your wedding if you want to create a truly memorable favor. If you are a little shy about the “doing it yourself” aspect of handmade soap wedding favors, you may be able to buy a kit that will walk you through the entire process a lot more simply than if you were to buy the material separately.

Handmade soap makes excellent favors for your wedding and for your wedding shower as well. If you are looking for a way to create a truly memorable gift, this is absolutely the way to do it.

By: Jeffrey Dorrian

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Shopping For Sexy Lingerie With Your Partner Can Be Fun!

Shopping for erotic lingerie is something many women do. Most women have different reasons for shopping for it, of course. Some like the pleasure and tantalizing sense of sexuality it can bring, others want to spice up their relationships, and others simply like how erotic lingerie feels on the skin. Purchasing erotic lingerie is sadly something most women do alone, however, as few women actually take their partners with them on this most sensual of retail journeys.

Whether going to a store or looking at lingerie online, shopping for erotic lingerie as a couple adds excitement long before you wear the garment in the bedroom. Think of all the fun you two could have picking out intimate apparel together. As a couple, you’ll strengthen your bond as you discover each other’s fantasies and bring your relationship to a whole new level.

If you’ve never gone shopping together in an erotic lingerie store, your partner might be awkward at first. The only rule is to have an open mind. Share with each other what styles you like or don’t like. If your mate seems attracted to an outfit you never thought you’d picture yourself in, try it on anyway. Eventually, you’ll reach a middle ground between the erotic lingerie you like, what he likes - and you might surprise yourself in the process.

Both of you must remember that should one of you strongly dislike an item, you should be able to respect your partner’s preferences and let it go gracefully. The more you talk, the more you’ll both unearth fantasies you may have been hesitant to voice before. Once you break the ice and get the conversation flowing, the rest is easy.

Instead of heading downtown to the erotic lingerie store where your pastor or mother-in-law might see you, why not try shopping for lingerie online? This safe and secure way of shopping for sexy gear for your bedroom is a great way to come together with your partner, kick back, and have some erotic fun while shopping.

The brain is the most important sex organ in the human body. Just the thought of exotic lingerie is sure to start both your pulses racing. Much of the sexual experience is about the anticipation leading up to the big event. A day of shopping or an evening of surfing online is enough to fill your heads with all sorts of ideas.

With so many arousing and sensual options to choose from in the world of erotic lingerie, it just makes sense to share the experience with a partner. A trip to the mall, some shopping online, or a trip to the local sex shop is a great way to create some magic in any relationship.

Make sure the next time you think about buying some new sexy lingerie you take your partner along for some new ideas that will pay off in more ways than one. There are so many different styles there will be one that both you and your loved one will find amazing.

By: Amanda Cotterill

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Best Ways To Silky Smooth Straight Hair

When you are working with your hair and specifically straightening there are some simple advice and tips that you can follow. In this article an outline of each of the hair straightening tips will be given with a brief overview.

Always protect your hair when you are initially washing your hair it is important to protect your hair from damage, to do this always use a good shampoo and conditioner. The benefits of this will be that the hair will become protected and will be less prone to damage during the straightening process. Use a good quality hair dryer that has an attachment to precisely direct the airflow to the desired area of the hair.

Invest in a Good Hair Iron If you want lasting results. On the market today there are many good quality hair irons that have flat ceramic plates and have an adjustable temperature gauge that can heat up to 400 degrees. The majority of the new irons will also be able to add shine and effectively eliminate fizz as well as straightening your hair. Some of the top manufactures of hair irons include Karmin, GHD and Chi, the price of a hair iron can range dramatically from just 80 to over 250 dollars. Make sure you read the specification of each iron before you buy and choose one that meets your requirements.

There are treatments that could be considered if you are looking for an alternative method. One such method is to use a relaxing agent; this is a chemical straightening process that is widely used by African-American women for years. The process involves modifying the actual structure of the hair follicle. This process is not recommended to be done in the home; qualified salon professionals will do this for you. There are different forms of the relaxant depending on the type of hair you have and this will need to be analyzed before starting the process. The treatment will usually cost between 200 and 400 dollars and takes a couple of hours to complete.

If you are looking for a more long term treatment then you would be more interested in Japanese thermal reconditioning. Again this is a salon only treatment and will take several hours to complete, however the results are truly amazing and your hair will remain straight regardless of the weather, washing or any other factor. Any new hair that grows will still grow curly so you need to go back to have enhancements. The process is however on the expensive side and can range in price from 800 to 1500 dollars depending on your hair type. When having this process make sure the stylist is qualified, the procedure is technical and training in this form of straightening is essential.

There are many hair straightening tips and depending on what you require will depend on which technique you would choose. Hair straightening can be done at home or in the salon and you can get great results for the short or long term, follow some of the basic hair care advice to ensure there is not any long term damage to your hair.

By: Kristy Klien

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