Wedding Trend in 2008: a Predictions

We talked now about the 2008 wedding predictions. Well I looked the some favourites and popular bridal publications - but you know what is HOT on the coasts...does not necessarily trickle down to some of my predictions are based on local experience.

1. AFTER PARTIES - couples are wanting to keep the party going way after midnight by going to a secondary location with their guests. They may not sponsor the party, but they will plan for it.

2. BANQUET/FAMILY STYLE - is coming back here to the Tri-State. We are also seeing more and more people using the square tables (two banquets bumped together). Mix and match at the reception with the table sizes!

3. HOT COLOR -They said that pink is the hot color for 2008. I think it is beautiful, but I foresee it not being as popular until later this year. Instead, I prediction the color chocolate to continue on from last year and start showing up earlier in the year (not just in the fall).

4. REMOVING TRADITIONS - Couples are opting to plan their reception, their way. That may mean: less speeches, no garter/bouquet toss, and multiple desserts offered (instead of just the cake).

5. DETAILS ON THE WEDDING DRESS - Very popular around here is the wedding dress that gets bunched up and tucked. Also - look for more details on the back of the wedding dresses....

Whats about yours?