Plan Your Wedding Budget

Wedding is expensive. Of course there are a lot of people who can afford a really luxury wedding. However, there are also people who need to work within a limited budget. It will be even more important to do so in such an economic down time.

However, the problem is that most items will become very expensive the the word wedding is added to them. So, a common question couples will asked is how to plan a wedding which is within the budget. As a matter of fact, it is not that difficult to do so. However, sometimes you may need to compromise. And you will need to make sure that you will not consider your preference before your budget.

Of course the first thing you need to consider is the budget itself. You will need to think about the total amount you would like to spend. Then you will try to divide the total budget into different parts. For example, you will divide 45% of your budget for the venue and catering of your wedding reception.

Now, let us talk about some ways to save money. There is no doubt that your reception will be the most expensive in your wedding. And the number of guests you are going to invite will directly affect the amount of money you need to spend. If you invite more guests, you will need to search for a larger reception hall. And of course the catering services will also cost you more money. As a result, it will be a good idea to keep your wedding small. If you can keep it small, you will also be able to spend less on your other items such as the invitations and favors.

If you can do the first step right, you will find that it is not difficult to work within your budget. So I will assume that you will only invite 20 to 30 guests to your wedding. You may probably know that the unit price can be very high if you are going to print 20 to 30 invitations only. However, since you only need a small amount of cards, it will not be difficult for you to print them yourself. This will certainly help you to save some money.

The above also applies to your wedding favor. You can try to create the wedding favor yourself and this will not cost your much money. However, if you do not have the time to do so, you may still consider to purchase some ready made wedding favors. You can try to take a look at the discount section in some online shops and you should be able to find some excellent discount items.

You should bring the liquor yourself in your reception. This will also help to save a lot of money. The liquor provided by your caterer can be a lot more expensive. And you should also make the decoration minimal. This does not mean that you do not decorate the venue. You should try to be creative and try to do the decoration part with minimum materials.

If you can do the above, you should be able to have a wedding which is within your budget.

By Jerry Leung

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Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend

You will try to get a gift for your friends when they are going to get married. In fact, the wedding gift is very important in a way that it expresses your blessing to your friends. As a result, it will be important for you to choose an excellent piece of gift for your best friends.

Undoubtedly, it is not easy to choose a really good gift for your friends. One of the ways is of course to follow the gift registry. You will be able to give your friends something they really need if you do so. However, it will not make your gift unique. As a result, you may not want to just follow gift registry and purchase a gift for your friends.

In fact, one problem of following the gift registry is that the gift will not be a personal one. As a result, the first thing you need to consider when you are choosing the wedding gift is to make it personal. You should try to make it personal in a way that it is unique to the couple. This is very important. You will never be able to make your gift special if it is not personalized.

So the question here is how you can choose a personalized gift for your friends. One of the ways is to put the names of the couples on the gift. For example, you can purchase two really beautiful ball pens for your friends. And on the pens you will have the names of the brides and groom put on them. By doing this you will be able to make your gift more personal. In fact, any gift that can be engraved with the names of the couples will be a good idea.

If you think it is not enough to just put the names of the couple on the gift, you can try to think of it in another way. Since you are a good friend of the couple, you should know their hobbies very well. Do the bride and groom have some common hobbies? It will be perfect if the answer to this question is a YES. For example, if both the bride and the groom love fishing, you may purchase some tools for fishing as the wedding gift. The couple should be very happy when they receive the gift.

Of course the above is only an example. You should consider the issue according to the needs of your friends. You may ask what you should do if the bride and groom do not have any common hobby. If this is the case, you may need to create something for the wedding itself. For instance, a tailor made wedding album can be a good idea in this case.

The point here is that you have to consider what the couple loves before your purchase. If you can really do so, it will not be so difficult for you to choose a perfect gift for your friends.

By Jerry Leung


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Wedding Gown Shopping

There is no doubt about it: shopping for a wedding gown is one of the best parts of being a bride. Nothing is quite as fun as getting to try on all of those fabulous dresses in your search for the one dress that will truly make you feel like a bride. In the excitement, many brides will want to invite everyone they know to join them for the adventure. But before you do, stop and think carefully about who you should bring wedding gown shopping.

You may be surprised to hear that when it comes to finding your dream gown, having more people does not mean having more help. Did you ever hear the old expression, "Too many chefs spoil the soup"? This is exactly what usually happens when a bride brings along a whole entourage. Everyone will have a different opinion, and in all of those voices, it is often the bride's that gets drowned out. Forget about picking a wedding dress by committee or trying to please everyone: it doesn't work.

The ideal number of friends or relatives to bring gown shopping is one to three. (And three can even be pushing it if they are all highly opinionated ladies!) Although it can be fun to try on gowns for all six of your bridesmaids and have them ooh and aah over you, remember that the point is to find your wedding gown, not just to try on lots of dresses. You are better off choosing a couple of friends who will be able to remain focused on you and on what you really want.

The obvious choice for a person to bring gown shopping is the mother of the bride. For many mothers and daughters, it is an experience they have dreamed about sharing for years. If this sounds like you, then by all means, bring your mother. Make a whole mother-daughter day of it with lunch in a nice restaurant after the appointment (hopefully it will be a lunch to celebrate finding your dream dress!).

Not all mothers and daughter see eye to eye, however. If you know that your mother will not be able to keep your personal taste in mind, then you would be better off doing your gown shopping with one of your bridesmaids. You need someone who you can really trust to help you make the right choice. After you have chosen your gown, you can invite your mother to help you pick out your veil and bridal jewelry. Shopping for jewelry and other bridal accessories can also be a good way to involve your future mother-in-law.

So who should a bride avoid bringing to shop for a wedding gown? For starters, if you have a jealous sister, leave her at home. Nothing spoils the mood faster than having your sister shoot down your favorite gown. If she is not going to helpful, don't ask for her opinion.

The other thing that might not occur to many brides is that money is going to be a consideration when choosing a bridal gown. For this reason, it is best not to invite anyone that you do not wish to know either your budget or how much you spent on your wedding gown. (In some cases, this may include the bride's father, even if he is the one paying the bills!) If you are going to be sticking to a very tight budget, you might not want to bring along a friend who will try to steer you towards the latest designer looks. On the flip side, many brides worry that their fiance's family would find them to be overly extravagant if they find out that the wedding gown was very expensive.

Your bridal gown is the most special item of clothing that you will ever purchase. Nothing else that you wear will ever have quite the same emotional significance. When you are shopping for your wedding dress, be sure to bring along only those that you know will be able to help you find that one perfect gown.

By Bridget Mora

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Write Lovely Favors for Your Wedding Guests

You can write or put together some lovely favors as thank yous to your guests. Even better, you can get your wedding guests to write some wonderful things for you that you can merely compile. People like receiving little books that are personal.

  • Write a book of Wedding Guests: List the friends and family members who were invited to your wedding and say something wonderful about why you're grateful for each of them. Print it out (half sheet sizes), "bind" it with ribbons in your wedding colors and you have a wonderful gift.
  • Solicit Love Stories: Gather love stories from your ancestors or from other older successful marriages. Try to find out what made those marriages work (you don't need to know them if they have a great story). Put them together with pictures of the couple and give people some new love stories to read and live into. This is a book that certainly everyone in your families is going to be thrilled to receive. (Be a little careful here. Pick longer marriages and older couples, you don't want to make friends who are single feel left out.)
  • Assemble a cookbook from your community: Solicit recipes from all your guests. It'll be good for you to have as you're starting out your married life. And I haven't met anyone who doesn't like to have new foods to think about, whether or not they cook. And this might be a great chance to get Aunt Millie's snickerdoodle recipe!

Then help make these gifts meaningful by talking about their meaning at your wedding ceremony. Include your commitment to your community in your wedding vows. Then enjoy the support you've created as you live into the marriage of your dreams.

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The Way To Avoid Wedding Stress

Weddings and the accompanying engagement parties and showers can get stressful and out of hand for many reasons. Here are the top reasons why planning weddings may not be as fun as you hope-and some wedding tips about what you can do about managing this wedding stress now.

1. You need to feel loved by your parents.
In my research, many women who wanted elaborate weddings and other related celebrations hoped that the even would make them finally feel love from their parents. The celebrations became the woman's way of finally "getting something" from unhappy childhoods of divorced, neglectful, negative, abusive or absent parents. Many brides-to-be who were not the "favorite child" especially longed for "spectacle" parties where the glare of being in the spotlight for even a few hours or days might overcome their feelings of being unloved. Some brides felt a "gotcha" effect-they finally were able to squeeze some effort, money and attention from their parents and family. After all, the brides silently reasoned, how could my family deny me "my day?"

Yet, putting all your unhatched love-eggs in the one basket of wedding related celebrations usually only leaves you with rotten eggs. Don't expect these events to make up for anything. One stress-busting wedding tip to test whether you are looking for love in all the wrong places is to pretend that, in addition to the wedding, you are having only one other related celebration such as an engagement party or bridal shower and that your wedding is small, warm, tasteful but no way near "over-the-top" either in expense or in image.

In addition, you agree to give up or greatly modify your "dream wedding" of being married on an island, mountain top or at the latest "in place." Can you live with these limitations? Or, do you suddenly feel a big dip of disappointment, despair and depression?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate the lack of love you feel from your parents? Now examine all your reactions and see what you've learned. Remember, weddings can't make up for past hurts. Events are too short-lived to make up for anything-only a positive change in the long-term interactions between you and your family can do that.

Finally, pay attention to the amount of friction you feel and the number of squabbles you experience with your parents. Wedding plans often accentuate or re-ignite submerged and unresolved childhood feelings. But don't think that a wedding can resolve these problems. Instead, see these heated disagreements as a sign that you have some personal issues that you need to address within yourself and your family over time. Seek pre-marital counseling and vow to continue working on these areas after you are married. Happy couples are able to understand, manage and change their family relationships and not re-enact them in the marriage.

2. You want your wedding planning to show others from your childhood how far you've come in life.

The more outrageously expensive and exclusive (the WOW! Factor) of the event, the more the woman hoped it would erase and redo any previous, unwanted images of herself from others. "Putting on the Ritz" serves the same emotional purpose of the unpopular, ugly duckling who makes it big, turns into a swan and then goes to her high school reunion. These inflated celebrations are the equivalent of sticking out your tongue and going "Nyah, nyah."

But this "going overboard wedding plan" is just a flash-in-the-pan shortcut to feeling valued, special and attractive. The general rule of thumb is that the more lavish and over-planned the event, the more negative the self-talk is inside the head of the bride. If you felt ugly, misunderstood or overlooked, then a big deal feels like the best medicine. But the real medicine is how you live your life.

To test whether you are asking your wedding to make up for the past, try this wedding stress tip. Make a list of how many times you've said or thought "if only Heather, Samantha, Tiffany or whoever could see me." Also, keeping a journal can uncover feelings about yourself and your past hurts. Finally, chart your "disappointments" when your plans don't match your fantasy. No wedding is perfect-and no event can ever fill the hole in your soul. Smart brides don't add more stress to their weddings by expecting a wedding to heal the past.

3. You and your family want your wedding plan to show the world how far you've come in life-or
how much you now "belong" in the upper class. Shame about former socio-economic status and class can also put pressure on a bride and her family to have an over-the-top event. If your family's country-club or business set has seen wedding parties of twelve bridesmaids, then it feels like a "lesser" celebration not to at least match the event. When your wedding has to "prove something," you add more stress.

A smart bride decides NOT to compete with these "others." Understated events always win. Keep it simple and warm. The WOW factor in weddings is not necessarily based on big bands with poor imitations of original songs, elaborate table settings, gowns and banquet halls. Guests want to come away feeling happy, joyful and included. Think back on weddings you've attended where the band was too loud to hear the person sitting next to you, where the food was served with too formal and cold an air, where you felt "stuck" at your table and where the awesomeness of the event made you feel diminished and left out rather than part of the celebration.

One of my smart bride clients who came from an upper class family decided to avoid "keeping up with the Joneses." On her wedding gift registry she listed favorite charities for her guests to donate to instead. Her centerpieces consisted of a wreath of silk flowers where each guest could pluck one to wear. In addition, she placed a small picture frame for each couple to take home. The buffet consisted of both fancy food and childhood comfort foods. One part of the buffet featured game meat and shellfish, and various stations offered pasta, pizza, meatloaf, turkey, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Guess which food the people liked the best?

Smart brides know that no one event can make up for past hurts. These smart brides recognize that wedding stress and family issues go hand-in-hand. Smart brides acknowledge these issues and work hard to face them and manage them over time. They recognize that family relations, especially, usually include unresolved feelings. These brides, with the support of their new husbands, work together to improve and heal past family issues. Smart families of the bride also spend less on the wedding and put more money aside for buying a home or making investments-and leave a little bit for a uniquely personal (but not over-the-top) honeymoon.

By Dr. LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, Ed.D

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Carat of The Diamond

There is a common misconception that the term carat indicates the size of the diamond. Actually this term refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is roughly about 200 milligrams, which is less than a quarter of an ounce. A carat can also be broken up into 100 points. This means that three quarter of a carat is equivalent to 75 points.

The heavier the diamond (in carat weight), the rarer it becomes and the increase in price is exponential with the diamond's weight. Hence two half-carat diamonds will cost much lesser than a one-carat diamond, assuming that other attributes, such as color and clarity, are equal.

The size of the diamond can also be impacted by its cutting. Depending on how the cut is done, two one-carat diamonds can look unequal in size. While a flatter stone will appear bigger, a deeper cut stone will look smaller. A deeper cut stone usually has more brilliance and scintillation. So even though a flatter cut stone will appear larger or heavier, it may have less brilliance and can look cloudy.

Much as the diamond's carat weight is important, it should not sacrifice too much of its other qualities. From both a personal and investment standpoint, i feel that a beautiful one-carat diamond with outstanding brilliance and scintillation is going to be the better choice compared to a one-carat diamond that looks like a two-carat stone. You may be tempted to purchase a stone that has a flatter cut so that you can have the appearance of a larger or heavier stone, but this i feel might not be a wise choice.

A smaller diamond can always be enhanced with baguettes, trillians or smaller same-shape stones on either side. As mentioned earlier, two smaller stones won't cost as much as an equally-weighted single stone. With this knowledge, you can therefore increase the importance of the ring you're buying without doubling your cost.

To summarized, in purchasing a diamond always look at the carat of the single largest stone. Do not be fool if the jeweler said that two half-carat diamonds is as precious as a one-carat diamond.

By Karl Lee

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Choosing Flower for Your Wedding

Often the best days for a wedding are warm, hot even, and while this might be good for the bride and groom, it can wreak havoc on delicate flowers. Choosing a wedding flower that will stand up to the heat and look great throughout the ceremony and even long afterwards can be hard. You want something that is beautiful and fit for a bride, but still sturdy enough to hang in there, even in high temperatures.

What to Look For

A good wedding flower is delicate looking, but not actually that fragile. It will withstand the summer heat and look terrific doing it. You have enough worries and stresses on your wedding day, flowers should definitely not be one of them, so select hardy flowers from the very beginning and you'll be able to focus on more important things, like actually getting married.

Here are some of the characteristics to look for in a heat-resistant wedding flower.

Thick, waxy petals are best. They tend to be stiffer and hold the moisture in longer than thinner petals which tend to shrivel and wilt in the heat. The thicker the petal, the stiffer it will be, making it more resistant to wilting.
Stiff leaves help with heat resistance, too. Leaves contain a lot of moisture that can be wicked up to the bloom and the greenery helps enhance the color of the wedding flowers. Wilted leaves make the entire bouquet look sickly, so thicker, waxier leaves are the best option.
Sturdy stems keep flowers upright. While the florist can place flower stems in plastic straws to help keep them upright when the heat threatens to send them drooping downwards, but it's best to choose the right flowers with sturdy, thick stems that are strong enough to stand up even when slightly dried out.
Full blooms stay fresh longer. Flowers that aren't just a few petals will last longer. Look for ruffled petals or multiple rounds, such as with a mum or carnation. These flowers do very well with holding in the moisture needed to survive a hot day, even when not placed in a vase of water.

If you have the budget, tropical flowers tend to be far better than our native blooms when it comes to withstanding the hot interior of a church or reception hall. They are grown in heat, so you'll find that they are quite hardy when it comes to summer weddings. Most tropical flowers are very elegant, as well, so they make for very lovely bouquets and centerpieces.

Flowers like orchids, lilies and dahlias are all great ones for a wedding flower. They hold up to the heat very well and can take long drought periods, thanks to their hardy leaves and petals that retain moisture even in stifling conditions.

Your florist will also be able to recommend a more heat resistant wedding flower or two. The ideal would be a flower that you love the look of, which combines beauty with functionality. For a summer wedding, how well the flowers will stand up to the heat is a very important consideration. There is nothing more stressful on your wedding day than discovering that all your blooms are wilting away in the intense heat.

Choose your wedding flowers carefully. You don't want bouquets that look awful by the time you are ready to walk down the aisle. Tropical flowers, those with waxy, thick petals and leaves and any flower that is bushy and full of petals tend to be alright and will look great throughout the entire day.

By Amy Nut

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Wedding Video, Make Wedding Moment Forever

Creating a wedding video is a great way to capture the memories of your special day. Unlike pictures, a video can capture the feelings of the ceremony, allowing you to relive the mood and special events of the celebration each time you watch your recorded memories.

While most people have a friend or family member taping the ceremony, it may be a good idea to hire a professional videographer to capture the ceremony in a way that may have a little more structure. You can request that your wedding day events be formatted to look like a movie, or you can go for more of a documentary feel. Also, a videographer will be able to put finishing production touches on your video that will make the colors brighter--they can even add credits! The videographer will most likely tape the whole celebration, from the actual ceremony, until the bride and groom depart at the reception. You could request that scenes or conversations before the ceremony be taped, such as the bride and groom getting ready, or having loved ones send their well wishes to the couple before the ceremony begins. Wedding videos can also include a picture of the invitation, old family photographs, baby pictures of the bride and groom, or messages from the bride and groom to one another. This, along with the raw footage that will be gathered at the reception, should give you a 'feature film' of about two hours.

Of course, you'll want the sounds and music that are included in the video to be just as beautiful as the scenery. This is why it's so important to choose the right wedding songs for each part of the ceremony. Be sure that you practice to these songs so that the footage that is gathered looks both polished and natural. For the actual ceremony, original songs are ideal. Also, you'll need a recessional song to exit the chapel. Make sure that you tell your videographer when you want the songs to fade out, and how much of the tunes you want played so that you can maintain the flow of your video.

Also, confirm that the videographer has the quality equipment that will make your video look its best. Video equipment that requires less lighting is best (usually commercial-grade), so that there won't be a glare on the images in the video. This is especially important for the candle lighting part of the ceremony, and for the first dances between the new couple and the bride and her father. When you're looking at the videographer's work, make sure that you not only look for the focus and tracking quality of the video, but check for artistic quality as well. Is the videographer good at capturing timeless moments on film? Is he/she good at making transitions throughout the video? Including wedding music in between 'scenes' and in the background as people are speaking may also help the video to 'flow' a little more naturally.

By E. Walter Smith.

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Unique Wedding Locations

Weddings are one of the most important days in someone's life and it is important that people who are being wed make sure that they properly plan their wedding so that each facet of their wedding is properly planned. Many brides and grooms actually hire a professional wedding planner because they can meticulously plan every detail of the wedding.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding to get married is the location. Most couples just get married in a church, but there are some couples who desire a more unique wedding location. If you are one of these couples, consider some of these locations that are more interesting and unique than your traditional locations.

The Beach
It sounds cliché, but it can be both unique and magical. There are beaches in the Caribbean that actually "appear" only at low tide, because at high tide they are underwater. Adventurous couples come to such beaches to wed and enjoy the boat ride to their wedding location. After the ceremony, most couples board a yacht out at sea for a reception to remember. Make sure that you consider travel arrangements for this type of wedding.

A Rooftop
Couples who love their city could consider wedding on top of a large building in their home city. These weddings are difficult to achieve and you need to get special permission to hold a wedding like this, but it does allow adventurous couples to have a unique wedding that nobody will ever forget.

The Location You Met
It sounds crazy, but some people get married in completely random locations, like a Laundromat or a ballpark. They get married in these locations because of special reasons like they met there or had their first date there. Any location will do, as long as it can hold enough people to have a successful ceremony.

A National Landmark
A great place to have a wedding is a national landmark like the Grand Canyon, Niagara falls, and other unique locations. Consider getting married on the Maid of the Mist boat at Niagara Falls. That would be a wedding your guests would surely never forget.

If you are planning a wedding, make sure you are prepared for all of the intricate details that you will need to prepare. One of the most important things to consider for your wedding is the location. If you are a couple that does not wish to get married in a traditional church, but are looking for something a bit more adventurous, consider one of these unique locations.

A beach is a great, elegant place to get married. A rooftop will provide a stunning backdrop to an unforgettable wedding. The posterity of the location you met could be a charming location and a national landmark would surely dazzle your guests. Make sure you are making a choice that you will be happy with, that is the most important thing to consider.

By Traci Bramlette

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Choice Bridal Gowns Perfectly

Bridal gowns, or better known as Bridal dresses, have been the one thing that has not taken on a dramatic change in terms of how weddings have evolved over the last 50 years. They have stayed on course of being the same colour, white. No one has been brave enough to want to tamper with this symbol of purity and it is with that symbolism that we focus on what has changed however, involving wedding dresses.

A dress, is simply a combination of all its pieces brought together-bodice, silhouette, fabric, trim, etc.-and to truly see how beautiful a wedding dress is, you have to look very closely to see the detailing on the dress. However, with the modern day era ushering new trends to a wedding, a wedding dress has taken on some transformation, not a lot mind you, however, changes that are not dramatic, however, ones that are noticeable.

Some of the areas that the changes have been implemented are the Silhouettes. They are narrower, and this trend is done so to make he bride look slimmer and sexier on her wedding day. Another area is the A-line (also known as princess line). This dress remain very popular, because they are slimmer than most, a trend that is very popular. Sheaths with detachable trains are a very traditional dress; however the newer sheaths are designed with part of train make into the silhouette, for a trendier look and feel.

A new style of wedding dress that is gaining in popularity is the bias-cut wedding dress. They have gained interest these dresses are cut in such a way that they hug the contours of the body and ultimately flare out. In regards to necklines, designs such as square and curved necklines have become very trendy as well as v-necks. These neckline designs offer a new look without making the bride look "sleazy and cheap".

As you can tell, wedding dresses continue to maintain their elegance and beauty by simply being what they have always been, a symbol of purity and gracefulness. Wedding dresses were made white to embody the bride as a princess that wants the world to know that be is as beautiful as she is innocent and that the groom that will be lucky enough to spend the rest of his life with his new bride has to understand that the bride should be treated as the dress is indicated, innocently and gracefully.

So in conclusion, wedding dresses are the one thing that have remained the same in a time when it is trendy to have themes at weddings, to match a certain pair of colours to resonate across the entire reach of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Wedding dresses are a symbolic measure of purity, elegance, and the fact that the colour white tells everyone that the bride is as beautiful and pure today as ever, the need to change the dynamics of a wedding dress are not needed. It has gone over a certain look the accommodate the bride of today, however the beauty of a wedding dress will remain forever!

By Rafi Michael

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Tips and Ideas for Bridal Shower Party

Pre-wedding parties include the bridal shower party for the soon-to-be bride and stag party for the soon-to-be groom. Focusing on the bridal shower party, this is the perfect time for the bride to get together and enjoy in celebrating her upcoming wedding with her family and friends, also to surprise the bride with showered gifts!

Traditionally, bridal shower parties are prepared by the maid of honor. She is responsible for managing and planning the preparation for the venue, decorations, food and bridal favors. Included in her task is to host the party itself. With ready favors, she has to distribute it to all the guests of the party. But such task can also be imparted to the bridesmaids. Planning and preparing for the bridal shower party can be very challenging. However, it should be done smoothly to commemorate the celebration for the soon-to-be bride prior to her wedding day. This party may refer to different types of bridal shower party themes, it could be traditional theme ideas to trendy and chic style. However, there are important elements that need to be considered when planning to celebrate a bridal shower party.

First, consider making lists of guests. These can be done by the help of groom, mother of the bride and other closest persons to the bride to help compose a guest list. This idea is to surprise the bride, it is no longer a surprise if you ask help from the bride. To address the party invitation, it should only be sent to those invited guests that are included on the wedding invitation as well.

As for the shower party date, it should fall sometime within two months before the wedding day. And again, to plan for a surprise shower party, planning the date should be unnoticed by the bride as well as the groom to make it more safe. But if it's not a surprise party, you could directly ask the availability of the bride for the party.

If you consider a themed shower party, you should pick appropriate themes that suit the bride's taste. The good thing about themed parties is that you can easily come up with decorations, invitations, party favors and other elements of the celebration. Easy and fast preparation for these elements can be achieved by following the theme of the party such as wine shower, romantic shower, lingerie and more. And obviously, there is a plethora of options for these shower themes to choose from.

Following the theme of the occasion, bridal shower favors and decoration should work coordinately. Literally, decorations, party favors and keepsakes come with tons of choices. A wide variety of these items are available in your nearest local specialty stores. For a wider option, consider browsing the Internet, this way you could be able to widen the scope of favor preference. Each store site offers their specialty favors, from simple to extravagant. You may also find a variety of customized favors that can make memorable personalized party favors. Such items you may consider are place cards, t-shirts, bags, candles and other wedding party favors.

By Jannet Verra

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How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress for Years

wedding gown holds beautiful memories in all its folds. For most brides, it is a thing to be preserved and possibly even shown to their own children when they grow up, recounting all those beautiful moments which it witnessed on that special day.

Much time is spent in selecting the perfect and affordable wedding dress for the big day in your life. Hence, it makes sense to keep the wedding dress that added so much color to your wedding in proper condition.

A wedding dress, preserved in good condition, can be passed on to the coming generations as a family heirloom. This is why you must know how to take care for your beautiful wedding dress - both before and after the wedding.
  • Buy a clean, undersized, unbleached and non-dyed cotton sheet. This type of cotton sheet is easily available in the market. However, while buying make sure the cotton sheet has very little synthetic fiber.
  • Before using it, wash the cotton sheet in hot water so that any extra dirt gets vanished. Never use any type of detergent.
  • After the wedding ceremony is over, the gown should be wrapped in this cotton sheet. Avoid using a plastic gown to store your wedding dress as plastic can cause rapid oxidation of the fabric which might lead to accumulation of acid residues on your dress causing serious damage to it.
  • Store the gown in a flat position and it must be protected from direct sunlight and damp areas.
  • Within two weeks of the wedding, the wedding gown needs to be dry cleaned. If there is some sort of stain on your dress and you know about how you got it, be sure to alert your dry cleaner.
  • Select a dry cleaner that specializes in preservations of wedding gowns.

After your wedding dress has been dry cleaned, special care should be taken to ensure flawless preservation.
  • First of all buy a vacuum-sealed storage box along with archival-quality, acid-free tissue paper.
  • Use buffered archival paper for preserving a synthetic fiber gown, and for natural fiber gown, non-buffered archival paper will do.
  • Store the fabric-covered metal buttons, pins and sponge padding of the wedding gown separately as after some time metal can get oxidized and leave stains on the fabric.
  • Fold the wedding gown by putting top-quality tissue papers in between the folds to prevent it from getting permanent wrinkles.
  • And finally store the wedding dress in the vacuum-sealed storage box and make sure that it is kept in a cool dry closet, away from impurities and smoke.
  • Inspect the gown from time to time by taking it out from the box.

In today’s Internet savvy world it is not difficult to find an affordable wedding gown online but keeping it in mint fresh condition is tough. Follow the above tips and you will be able to keep your beautiful wedding dress full of memories intact for years.

By: Cynthia Ford.

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Weddings are for a Lifetime, So.. Cam It

Weddings are such a fun thing to experience in life. No matter who you are, lets face it, Weddings are fun to not just go to, but to be in! So how do you make sure you’re Wedding is the Wedding that everyone is talking about months later? Here are some sure fire ways to not only make a rememberable day for your guests, you and your spouse, but to also really remember for the months and years to come.

First off, a Videographer, they are the new hype in the Wedding industry now days. All you here about lately is “I had my Wedding video done just like a Hollywood movie!” and “Cinematic Wedding Videos are the way to go!”

So what exactly is a Wedding Videographer? Well, like a Photographer, a Wedding Videographer is capturing not only still shot photos, but who is also capturing your Wedding day in motion. Snap shot photos are of course wonderful to have at a Wedding, but let me ask you a question. With a snap shot, can you hear a speech from the Best Man and Maid of Honor? With a snap shot, can you watch you and your new Spouse dance to your first dance song, that same dance you practiced so many hours rehearsing? Or, can you hear the vows given by your Spouse during you Wedding Ceremony? The answer is No. With Photography you cannot capture life in motion, but with Videography you can!

Make sure that when you are picking a Wedding Videographer you watch their demos and check out their style and make sure that it is a style that you would like portrayed in your Wedding Video. Many Videographers now a days are very versatile and will easily be able to capture that perfect country Wedding, or a hip-hop Wedding and will be able to make the video personalized to you and your Spouses personal style and taste.

So make sure, when planning your Wedding that you first book your Videographer. Wedding Videography is becoming quite popular, quite fast and sometimes there are not enough Videographers to go around.

Other important things to consider while planning a wedding are the color and theme of the wedding. Guests can tell when attention to detail is not paid attention to. Make sure that the colors of your Wedding fit the time of year and the theme of the Wedding. Saying that, also make sure that the food fits the theme of the Wedding and colors as well. For example, if you are having a country Wedding in the summer time in the mountains and the colors are purple and green, a good choice of food would be a barbeque with potatoes, salads and rolls. Another example, a winter Wedding in the city with the colors beaming gold, silver, black and white deserves entrees including fish and shrimp, pasta salads, etc.

So make sure that you first find that Videographer that meets all your needs then make sure to really watch you themes, colors, and foods, as those are the top four thing to really pay attention to for planning a Wedding.

By: Juhlin Youlein

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Handmade Soap Makes Great Wedding Favors

There is no reason why you cannot make your own wedding favors and have them turn out just as beautifully as if you purchased them from an expensive wedding store or planner. However, by creating your own handmade wedding favors, you can save a great deal of money and have complete control over the creative aspects of your project. This can be very handy if you are on a budget and is a great way to get friends and family involved in your wedding.

Favors for wedding and bridal showers can be as simple as you like. One of the most interesting types of favors that you may consider making is handmade soap wedding favors. Handmade soap makes excellent favors for weddings, especially because you can completely customize the favors that you make, giving the guests to your wedding a unique and exciting gift that they can cherish for a good long time.

On the outside, the soap making process may sound like a truly impossible endeavor to you, but there are actually easy ways for you to turn basic soap making supplies into some truly beautiful handmade soap favors. If you make use of glycerin soap base, for example, you can find yourself creating beautiful and functional wedding favors in no time at all. These personalized gifts are truly ideal for favors both for weddings as bridal showers as well.

You can buy soap making supplies either from your local craft store, or over the internet. All you need to get started is the glycerin soap base, molds to make the shapes of the soap and essential oils, colorants or other additives to add your own creative flair. The actual soap making process only takes about three simple steps. The first step when it comes to soap making using glycerin is simply to melt the glycerin soap base. The second step is to add the colorants and the scented oils. If you plan on adding anything else to your soap, such as dried herbs or oatmeal, do so now. Finally, you are going to want to pour the soap into the molds, allowing each bar to cool and harden completely.

For simple decoration, wrap each individual soap wedding favor in butcher paper or wax paper, and use some ribbon or some raffia to tie it all together. You may also consider designing the packaging a different way, just make sure that you customize it to suit your wedding if you want to create a truly memorable favor. If you are a little shy about the “doing it yourself” aspect of handmade soap wedding favors, you may be able to buy a kit that will walk you through the entire process a lot more simply than if you were to buy the material separately.

Handmade soap makes excellent favors for your wedding and for your wedding shower as well. If you are looking for a way to create a truly memorable gift, this is absolutely the way to do it.

By: Jeffrey Dorrian

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Shopping For Sexy Lingerie With Your Partner Can Be Fun!

Shopping for erotic lingerie is something many women do. Most women have different reasons for shopping for it, of course. Some like the pleasure and tantalizing sense of sexuality it can bring, others want to spice up their relationships, and others simply like how erotic lingerie feels on the skin. Purchasing erotic lingerie is sadly something most women do alone, however, as few women actually take their partners with them on this most sensual of retail journeys.

Whether going to a store or looking at lingerie online, shopping for erotic lingerie as a couple adds excitement long before you wear the garment in the bedroom. Think of all the fun you two could have picking out intimate apparel together. As a couple, you’ll strengthen your bond as you discover each other’s fantasies and bring your relationship to a whole new level.

If you’ve never gone shopping together in an erotic lingerie store, your partner might be awkward at first. The only rule is to have an open mind. Share with each other what styles you like or don’t like. If your mate seems attracted to an outfit you never thought you’d picture yourself in, try it on anyway. Eventually, you’ll reach a middle ground between the erotic lingerie you like, what he likes - and you might surprise yourself in the process.

Both of you must remember that should one of you strongly dislike an item, you should be able to respect your partner’s preferences and let it go gracefully. The more you talk, the more you’ll both unearth fantasies you may have been hesitant to voice before. Once you break the ice and get the conversation flowing, the rest is easy.

Instead of heading downtown to the erotic lingerie store where your pastor or mother-in-law might see you, why not try shopping for lingerie online? This safe and secure way of shopping for sexy gear for your bedroom is a great way to come together with your partner, kick back, and have some erotic fun while shopping.

The brain is the most important sex organ in the human body. Just the thought of exotic lingerie is sure to start both your pulses racing. Much of the sexual experience is about the anticipation leading up to the big event. A day of shopping or an evening of surfing online is enough to fill your heads with all sorts of ideas.

With so many arousing and sensual options to choose from in the world of erotic lingerie, it just makes sense to share the experience with a partner. A trip to the mall, some shopping online, or a trip to the local sex shop is a great way to create some magic in any relationship.

Make sure the next time you think about buying some new sexy lingerie you take your partner along for some new ideas that will pay off in more ways than one. There are so many different styles there will be one that both you and your loved one will find amazing.

By: Amanda Cotterill

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Best Ways To Silky Smooth Straight Hair

When you are working with your hair and specifically straightening there are some simple advice and tips that you can follow. In this article an outline of each of the hair straightening tips will be given with a brief overview.

Always protect your hair when you are initially washing your hair it is important to protect your hair from damage, to do this always use a good shampoo and conditioner. The benefits of this will be that the hair will become protected and will be less prone to damage during the straightening process. Use a good quality hair dryer that has an attachment to precisely direct the airflow to the desired area of the hair.

Invest in a Good Hair Iron If you want lasting results. On the market today there are many good quality hair irons that have flat ceramic plates and have an adjustable temperature gauge that can heat up to 400 degrees. The majority of the new irons will also be able to add shine and effectively eliminate fizz as well as straightening your hair. Some of the top manufactures of hair irons include Karmin, GHD and Chi, the price of a hair iron can range dramatically from just 80 to over 250 dollars. Make sure you read the specification of each iron before you buy and choose one that meets your requirements.

There are treatments that could be considered if you are looking for an alternative method. One such method is to use a relaxing agent; this is a chemical straightening process that is widely used by African-American women for years. The process involves modifying the actual structure of the hair follicle. This process is not recommended to be done in the home; qualified salon professionals will do this for you. There are different forms of the relaxant depending on the type of hair you have and this will need to be analyzed before starting the process. The treatment will usually cost between 200 and 400 dollars and takes a couple of hours to complete.

If you are looking for a more long term treatment then you would be more interested in Japanese thermal reconditioning. Again this is a salon only treatment and will take several hours to complete, however the results are truly amazing and your hair will remain straight regardless of the weather, washing or any other factor. Any new hair that grows will still grow curly so you need to go back to have enhancements. The process is however on the expensive side and can range in price from 800 to 1500 dollars depending on your hair type. When having this process make sure the stylist is qualified, the procedure is technical and training in this form of straightening is essential.

There are many hair straightening tips and depending on what you require will depend on which technique you would choose. Hair straightening can be done at home or in the salon and you can get great results for the short or long term, follow some of the basic hair care advice to ensure there is not any long term damage to your hair.

By: Kristy Klien

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How To Manage Your Wedding Invitations

There are many things which are important for the wedding ceremony. One of the main elements of the wedding arrangements and preparation is the wedding invitations which have to express the theme of the ceremony, the character of the groom and bride and the common atmosphere of the holiday. Below the main recommendations which can help you to prepare the invitations are presented.

One of the best variants is to prepare the invitations by you. In this case they will be special and unique. Besides, they will impress the guests. If you will choose the handmade invitations, you will have an opportunity to find the most appropriate decorations and fabric depending on your wishes and tastes. If you will choose handmade invitations, you can be sure that nobody else has, had or will have the same invitations.

Do not forget to mention all essential information in the invitation card. They gusts must receive all information about the events, the location of the ceremony, the theme of the party, the date and time, and, if you wish, amount of guests.

Pay attention also on the style of the invitation. There are many available variants, such as type and size of envelopes, layout and wording, color schemes and design, etc. All depends on the budget and your tastes.

Pay attention on the return envelope and the seal. It is very important. Send the invitation beforehand to give your guests some time to prepare and to arrange their plans. The best decision is to send the cards three months before the ceremony. In this case everyone will respond and you will have an opportunity to make all arrangements concerning the placing of the invited people.

If you will follow the recommendations which are given below, you will save your money, efforts, time and nerves and prepare the unforgettable and unique invitations.

By: Cynthia Allen

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Get Your Perfect Honeymoon

One of the main decisions concerning the preparation for the wedding is the planning of the honeymoon. The bride and groom leave the guests after the wedding ceremony and hide together in the paradise place.

During the honeymoon the couple will enjoy the time and different activities. Usually the couple devotes this period to the common hobbies and to each other. The honeymoon must be exotic and romantic, unique and unusual. These recollections will stay with you forever. You have to care about the honeymoon beforehand. To avoid the stress and problems during the honeymoon you have to foresee all details.

There are many options available and each couple can choose the most appropriate offer. Below the main rules which can help you to make the right choice, are described.
  • The first thing which you have to determinate with is the destination. You will have to choose the place according to your wishes. You have to make the common decision with your partner. If you have two variants, try to find the compromise. The best decision is to choose the beach and sun. Try to describe the reasons why you have a desire to visit the particular place. After it, compare the variants and make the final choice.
  • Take into account the wedding budget. Sometimes the bride and groom have a honeymoon as the wedding present from the parents or relatives. But sometimes the couple has to pay for the wedding vacation from the own wallet. It is quite complicated task if the pockets are empty. You can be satisfied with the honeymoon even with the tight budget. The main rule in this case is to begin the choosing process beforehand.
  • Determinate with the time frames. Usually the couples spend a month in the honeymoon. But there are many different options and the duration of the honeymoon depends on many factors, such as place, price, type of vacation etc.

By: Demarcus Lee

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Which One The Best For Your Wedding Reception? Open Bar or Cash Bar?

When you are planning the details for your wedding reception, one of the touchiest subjects can be whether or not to serve liquor to your guests at your own expense. While many brides feel that it is only polite to have an open bar, there are liabilities that you may not be aware of. To help you make the best decision, here are the downsides and benefits to having either an open bar or a cash bar.

One benefit of hosting an open bar is that your guests will appreciate the generosity and consideration. Some people feel that after purchasing a gift, making travel plans, or arranging for babysitters that they should not have to pay for their own drinks.

A major downside of hosting a cash bar is the legal liabilities that come with this option. For instance, you could be held responsible for serving alcohol to someone who becomes drunk and leaves your reception and happens to drive and injure someone. Research your local laws when it comes to who will be held liable in this situation. Although, it doesn’t happen often, the possibility exists and you should be aware of it. This can be very serious and can turn a wonderful event into a nightmare for everyone involved.

In addition to liabilities, there is the very real problem of cost. An open bar can be incredibly expensive and if your guests take advantage of your generosity, you can be left with a very pricey tab at the end of the night. With an open bar, there is usually much more opportunity for guests to overindulge and in some cases become a bit wasteful. If you prefer to avoid these problems, a cash bar is probably the best option.

A benefit of a cash bar is that you will not, in most cases, be held responsible for anyone’s actions after they leave the reception. This removes a lot of liability and makes you feel more comfortable.

In addition, you will also be able to save quite a bit of money on your reception when you go this route. This is usually the best option if your funds are limited and you would like to spend more money on better food or a nicer wedding overall. This is probably the best way to look at it. Would you rather provide everyone with a very nice dinner or be able to afford a nicer dress, or would you rather foot the bill so someone can embarrass you when they have too many drinks?

A downside of having a cash bar is that you may come off as being cheap. This of course will depend on the personalities of your friends and family, but some people may be offended by a cash bar. If you do have a cash bar, make sure your guests do not have to pay for anything else at the reception to minimize any discontent.

By Gina Brown

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Your Own Unique Style is The Best for Celebrate Your Wedding

Every bride dreams of having a special wedding celebration, it’s the definition of special that may vary from bride to bride. When I got married I knew that I wanted the atmosphere and décor to be a reflection of my own personal style. The big challenge for me was; what was my personal wedding style? Sure, I knew my colors, chocolate brown and scarlet red, two sensuous shades that have always spoken to me. And I was also confident that I wanted our wedding to be a really fun and fabulous night for everyone in general.

Now, I know that you are probably thinking, “Who doesn’t want their wedding to be fun?” but what I mean more specifically by a fun and fabulous night is that I wanted our guests to experience that awesome, magical kind of fun that you can’t plan on just any old night out. It was important to me that instead of memories of me cutting a cake, tossing a bouquet and otherwise basking in the spotlight, our guests left with memories of dancing to their favorite music, enjoying delicious and unusual delicacies and reconnecting with old friends and family. I had little other wedding planning ideas past these, but these I was sure of.

I was a very fortunate bride-to- be in that I have experience in event planning, not tremendous experience, but enough to feel that I was starting this process with an advantage. And unique to many other brides, without panic.
So I carefully and thoughtfully began, step by step, to formulate the decisions that would define the atmosphere and décor of our wedding in a way that would help it to stand out among the typical cookie cutter wedding reception that we have all come to tire of. I would love to share some of my tips, techniques and advice that allowed me to plan and execute the wedding of my dreams and even enjoy doing so!

Tear Sheets
Congrats! You are engaged! Now run immediately to your favorite newsstand and buy every bridal magazine! WAIT! There are so many more resources out there than every bridal magazine. I suggest buying two bridal mags to get a read on what the trends are in the wedding industry. Are brides going for traditional gowns? What are your contemporaries doing for favors? Find the look of invitation that most catches your fancy. Scour the two magazines you choose for whatever peeks your interest and then tear, tear, tear! Move on then to the interior decorating magazine you picked up with your latest issues of “Modern Engaged Bride-to-be”. And then pour through an issue of “Real Simple” or “Fine Cooking”. These are magazines dedicated to the finer aspects of living and celebrating life and they offer great insight into chic and distinctive ways of hosting a spectacular event. Lastly go through your favorite home catalogues, mine is Crate & Barrel. Tear out the pictures and advice that speak to you and along with the pages that you favored from the bridal mags and lifestyle publications begin a wedding production binder. Spend some time with these images and ideas, envision how you could incorporate them into your ceremony and reception and give yourself a little time to think on it! Before you realize it, your style will begin to rise to the surface.

Book your locations
While you are mulling the images and ideas over and over in your mind, begin making appointments with ceremony and reception locations. While you factor in cost, layout, capacity and availability, keep in mind the mold-ability of the location and how you could incorporate your pages from your production book. Is there a great built in fireplace that you could fill with candles? Is the décor shabby-chic just like your favorite catalogue? Are the draperies inspired by your favorite destination? Make mental notes of the design influences in the space you are checking out, you may be able to play off of those features in a way that makes HUGE impact! Once you find your locations, the remaining decision fall into place much more easily.

Invitations & Dress
Not many wedding planners would likely group together two such major event aspects like stationary and wardrobe, but for style purposes – they work well together. Keep in mind that both areas will complement the style of your wedding but are typically considered separate areas of the event. Well, they are and they’re not. For one, the invitation and dress set the tone of the event. By choosing the best wedding stationary and wedding gown, you can bring together all of the aspects of your wedding style that you have selected. If your décor is a sleek and modern white wedding staged outside under a tent of glowing Chinese lanterns, your perfect invitation, menu and escort card could be printed on delicate rice paper featuring the Chinese ideogram for love. Your ideal dress may be a gauzy and simple boat necked gown cinched sharply and intentionally at the waist with a silk obi. This complete look, preceded by the invite and completed by the décor, harmonizing food and drink and capped off with arrangements of cherry blossoms and votives, will be breathtaking! Pulling off your wedding style is as simple as minding your details and keeping in mind that every decision is an opportunity to make a statement.

Food, Drink, Tunes & Favors
The final details to incorporate into your fabulous event are the guest’s favorite! Perhaps you have chosen a location at a beach club. Your stationary could feature a save the date “flip flop”, a lobster embossed engraved invitation and escort cards of painted seashells. Your dress is a simple silk bias cut sheath, with a gorgeous cowl neck accented with a designer flat thong. Imagine your guests enticed by the scents of lobster hors devours wafting though the air and the whimsical sounds of a steel drum band. You could have your signature “beachcomber” cocktail passed on trays with mini umbrellas in them! This is the making of a memorable event! As your loved ones depart they can take with them his and hers flip flops in the colors of your wedding, wrapped in a beach towel monogrammed with your wedding date and a message of thanks! The trick to adding the best details to any event is to ignore the pressure to make a decision and think of a natural choice. Sure, the websites and magazine might suggest favors for a wedding being hosted at a country club, but those favors wouldn’t incorporate the feel of your event. Use your imagination. If you decide that you would rather have centerpieces of hurricane vases filled with shells and candles rather than flowers than you can make it happen! Shells and candles are easily obtainable at craft stores such as Michaels. Another cute centerpiece idea for a beach wedding is a aluminum sand pail with shovels filled to the brim with garden roses according to your colors. What an impression you would make!

I hope my approach to wedding planning has given you a decent jumping off point. There are a few more areas to tackle, like wedding party plans and transportation… Look for my next article dedicated to bridesmaids, groomsmen and carting them around. There I broach the subjects of shopping for flattering dresses in bulk and censoring the Best Man’s toast!

Good luck, enjoy and follow your heart. It will lead you right to your style!

By Ellen Preimesberger

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Plan your Wedding with Smart Wedding 4.0

It's one of the most special days in your life. But the time leading up to it can be one of the most stressful. Will everything be OK? Have the flowers been ordered? Were the invitations all sent out? What's the latest from the caterer? When was that meeting with the photographer? And the seating arrangements! It's like planning a minor United Nations Conference.

There's literally a hundred and one things to do to get ready. How do you keep track of it all? Relax. There's a Solution. It's the Smart Wedding 4.0. The award-winning software program that is like having your own "professional in a box".

Practically Foolproof Your Wedding! Guest List tedium got you down? Smart Wedding takes care of that plus your Invitations and RSVP's!

Seating arrangements have you pulling your hair out? Easily create a Reception Seating Plan for all your guests – even last minute responders.

Not only that – but you can now print your own Inner and Outer Envelopes, Labels, Seating Assignment Cards and individual Seating Place Cards!

How about remembering all those appointments? Fittings - Photographer – Rehearsals - Dinners? You won't forget a single one of them with the built in Scheduler!

More info about this wedding software can be reached on Smart Wedding's site. Btw, you can download it at Here.

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Why Don't Choose Chocolate For Unique Wedding Favors

There are many reasons why a bride might choose chocolate wedding favors for her reception. They’re typically very affordable, come in a wide variety of flavors, look beautiful and festive, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate?

But wanting to have chocolate wedding favors for your reception can leave you scratching your head as to what you should actually choose, and how chocolates can be presented at your reception in a beautiful and appropriate manner.

Choosing these favors will depend on many things, but probably your budget more than anything. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can spend on designer bonbons and truffles and other gourmet items, so it’s a good idea to have an actual budget in mind before you even begin shopping around.

You might also want to give some consideration to the theme and tone of your wedding and reception. Is it a very formal affair in an elegant banquet hall or a more casual party? If it’s formal and traditional, then typically you want chocolates that are just as elegant and indulgent. Most chocolate makers have packages that they make up just for weddings, usually a small collection of bonbons or truffles that comes in beautiful boxes. They may be decorated like little tuxedos and wedding gowns. They may be heart-shaped and hand decorated with your names or initials. Some may offer just one very exquisite or decadent chocolate in its own mini tray or foil, and be wrapped with a bit of tulle and ribbon.

Other small treats may be a few chocolates stacked on top of each other to resemble a wedding cake, again, in its own mini tray and ribbon or a small clear box. There are also chocolates in the shape of a letter which is usually in a clear plastic bag and tied with an elegant ribbon.

However, if your reception is more casual then your options can include treats such as chocolate covered pretzels in a small box. If you’re both sports loves, there are chocolates shaped like golf balls, soccer balls, bowling balls, volleyballs, baseballs, and virtually any other sporting ball you can think of.

For those who love casinos or who are planning a Vegas-themed wedding, some chocolate wedding favors are shaped like large dice or like poker chips.

For beach wedding favors, you can find chocolates in the shape of seashells. Some bakers can offer to make just plain squares of chocolate that are stamped with your name or initial.

When opting for chocolate wedding favors such as these, be sure to dress them up with a personal touch. If the box they come in is rather plain, wrap it in beautiful wrapping paper and large ribbon from either your paper supply or fabric store, in a color that matches your reception’s theme.

And of course a very affordable and unique option for chocolate wedding favors is personalized candy bar wrappers, which usually come in a wide variety of designs and styles. These can match your wedding’s tone, whether elegant and traditional or fun and whimsical, and can also provide a nice keepsake for an album or scrapbook.

As more and more chocolate makers realize the popularity and versatility of chocolate wedding favors, you may see that you as a bride have more and more options available to you when it comes time to choosing just the right chocolate favors for your reception.

By: Linda Ellison

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Wedding Cost: Cheap, Expensive or Average?

So the question was popped and now you and your fiancé are in the process of planning your wedding, congratulations! Now you are faced with the daunting task of budgeting. So how much does a wedding reception cost? Is it cheap, expensive or average? Only you can answer those questions after taking the following into consideration.

A Cheap Wedding Reception is not Always the Best

You heard the saying, you get what you pay for, let the buyer beware. Well, when you are interviewing wedding reception vendors you will get a general feel for the prices and options. The lowest cheapest spectrum might be competitively priced, but will they under deliver? Determining how much does a wedding cost will depend on credibility of your wedding reception vendors. They should provide you with a list of recent references (preferably last 6 months.) You can stay way below the average for your grand total wedding costs. Just keep in mind that the cheapest service you go with will have to compliment your ONE wedding.

Average Wedding Prices has its Pros and Cons

Well an average price for your wedding cost might make you jump for joy, but are their services just average as well? Does the company have any unique options? If not, then why are their prices so low? Do they get enough business? If a wedding company can help you save by creating a package just for you then this might interest you. Any company with average prices must deliver in other areas. Your wedding is FAR from average.

Expensive Wedding Costs

So you have interviewed several wedding companies and determined that the pricing does not matter. Great, you will have more options available for you. My only concern for you is that sometimes these prices are determined by people that have overinflated egos. It is best to make sure that on the contract “IN WRITING” it is stated as to exactly what you are getting. Do not leave any room for discrepancies. Trust me, I am a wedding entertainment vendor and I have heard horror stories from other brides. An expensive wedding cost does not always mean that you will be receiving the best service.

How Much Does a Wedding Cost

The cost of a wedding reception can not be determined in dollar amounts. It will cost you aggravation and grief if you make a poor choice. This goes for the expensive, cheap, and average wedding costs. The most important thing is that you enjoy your wedding reception with you family and friends knowing that you spent just amount of time and energy into selecting the perfect wedding reception vendors.

By: Robert Reno

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Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine! - Wedding Tips

Happy Valentine! - Wedding Tips

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Beautiful Autumn Wedding Colors

There are many reasons why fall weddings are becoming so popular, but one of the biggest reasons must be the vast array of autumn wedding colors available.

There are so many different autumn wedding colors to choose from that the hardest part may be choosing only one color scheme from all this variety.

Consider The Nature Of The Wedding

When choosing the best colors for these fall weddings, it is important to carefully consider the nature of the wedding, and the color scheme of the wedding itself.

It is important to carefully consider such things as which colors the bridesmaids and bride will be wearing, which fall colors will adorn the tables at the reception hall, and which of the many autumn colors will adorn the flowers, bouquets and centerpieces.

Gathering Color Swatches To Help You Match The Wedding Colors

After the perfect autumn wedding colors have been chosen, it is important to gather color swatches or photographs in order to more easily match the colors to the color scheme of the wedding.

Having these color samples available will make it a great deal easier to find the perfect flowers, table decorations and other items as you shop.

When To Start Shopping For Perfect Autumn Colors

And no matter what type of items you are seeking, it is important to start shopping as early as possible.

There are many important things that must be considered when it comes to planning a wedding, and it is important to start matching those perfect autumn wedding colors to the flowers, clothes, tableware and decorations as early as possible.

Choosing the perfect autumn wedding colors is not always an easy process, but it is important to get those colors right when planning a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be a difficult process, but it is important to give it the time and the consideration it deserves. Seeing it all come together on the big day will make all that hard work more than worthwhile.

By Shaunta Pleasant

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Great Wedding Ceremony Tips

Planning a wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting things any person can do, but it can also be one of the most nerve wracking and stressful times of their life.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of planning a wedding knows just how difficult and time consuming it can be, and it is important to give this vital job the time and consideration it deserves.

A great wedding doesn't just happen; indeed a memorable ceremony is the result of hundreds of hours of careful planning, and it is important to start as early as possible.

When To Start Planning

Many wedding planners recommend that brides to be start planning for ceremony as the question has been popped.

Choosing a date can be a job in itself, and it is important to schedule that wedding date as far in advance as possible.

Planning as far ahead as possible will help to ensure that the church and reception hall will be available for the wedding day, and it will give all the guests and members of the wedding party plenty of time to prepare as well.

Using A Wedding Checklist

After the date has been set it is time to start planning the ceremony in earnest. One of the best places to start is with a well thought out ceremony checklist.

This checklist can be used to determine all those large and small details that will need to be worked out. From the perfect dress to the freshest flowers, there are plenty of details to be worked out when planning a wedding. A checklist can make the process a lot easier and much less stressful.

A Checklist Will Make Things Easier

Having a wedding ceremony checklist in hand will also make it easier to work with caterers, wedding dress designers, florists, photographers and other wedding professionals.

A written checklist is a great way to ensure that everything has been taken care of and a great way to avoid misunderstandings with vendors. Preparing a checklist will help ensure that everything gets done on time and that the wedding ceremony is the event of a lifetime.

By: Shaunta Pleasant

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Perfect Plus Size Wedding Gown

Preparing for your wedding day is stressful, to say the least. You have to shop for the wedding gown, pick out flowers and coordinate the decorations, choose the time and location and even decide the seating arrangements. This can turn out to be more of a headache than the joyful occasion you think it should be. Being a plus sized bride can add to the frustration as there is a smaller selection of gowns. But the gown selection process doesn't have to be a hassle. Following these tips will help you find the best wedding dress out there. Before you know it, you will be celebrating your big day in the gown of your dreams.

Shopping for a wedding gown is more difficult than shopping for everyday clothing. You should know your body shape as well as your size. A size 12 wedding dress will not fit the same on every woman. If you carry more weight in your chest, or have an apple shaped figure, you'll want something to minimize the bust. If you carry more in your stomach, hips or behind, you are considered pear shape and might want to look at an A-lined dress rather than a ruffled and fluffy ball gown. Every woman wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, and picking a gown that fits your body type is the best way to feel like a million on your special day.

Even a size 5 bride will need at least a month to find her perfect wedding dress. For a plus size wedding gown, you'll want to be sure to start your search as early as possible. Giving yourself extra time to look allows you to find the right size and color at the best price possible. You'll be able to fully appreciate all the options available to you. Finding that one gown that will make you look and feel truly amazing for your wedding day is well worth starting ahead of schedule.

Most wedding dresses go through an alteration or two, and this doesn't just apply to plus size wear. Altering a dress doesn't mean that you happen to have weight issues -- it simply means that the dress can be made to fit you better. Go to your local tailor and ensure that your dress fits you in the best way possible. Whether it's taking a bit in, or tucking a bit there, an experienced tailor can make that dress look stunning on you for very little money out of your pocket.

While it's not easy to find a plus size wedding gown, women of all sizes have trouble shopping for wedding dresses. Make sure to take the time needed to find the dress that's right for you. If you follow these tips, you will look and feel wonderful at your wedding.

By: Andrea Dilea

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India Jewelry for your Wedding

India wedding jewelry consists of sets of in gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious metals and stones. These jewelry sets consists of earrings, chokers and bangles. It is customary for the bride's family to gift these jewelry sets to their soon to be married daughter. In India, you could say, marriage and jewelry go side by side.

The India wedding jewelry consists of different ornaments such as the mangal sutra, bindi, earrings, bangles, nose ring and rings, which are worn by brides all over the country. Earlier, ornaments like armlets and waistbands used to be worn but are now no longer in vogue.

Among India wedding jewelry, rings are a traditional symbol of matrimony and are worn by both men and women. A married woman in India of the Hindu origin must wear the mangal sutra or a thaali around her neck. The mangal sutra also worn around the neck consists of a necklace of black beads strung on a gold chain with a pendant at the end, which is either a symbol of OM or the gods. The black beads are supposed to protect the marriage against evil. The thaali is normally worn by women from South India which is a pendant worn on a thick yellow thread. When the thread wears out a new one replaces it.

The chura is another symbol that consists India wedding jewelry. It is a set of red bangles given to the bride from the maternal side of the family. As a symbol of being married the bridegroom also presents the bride with toe rings. In North India, however, women deck their arms with bright green and red bangles. This is called the chooda, which is presented by the mother of the bride to symbolize her newly acquired marital status, which she has to wear for at least 40 days after the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the chooda is a set of ivory bangles with inlay work on them. There are modern versions available in a cheaper form in plastic and acrylic.

In the north eastern states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar married women must wear the bichwa or toe rings as it is called. Among Sindhis, married women wear the traditional gold earrings each studded with nine diamonds. Up further north, in the Himalayan region, Kashmiri Brahmin women wear the dejhoru and aath horu, which is an ornament worn in the pierced cartilage of the ear which has a cord suspended from it at one end. Among muslim married women, the nose ring is vital.

By: F. Peris

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