Best Ways To Silky Smooth Straight Hair

When you are working with your hair and specifically straightening there are some simple advice and tips that you can follow. In this article an outline of each of the hair straightening tips will be given with a brief overview.

Always protect your hair when you are initially washing your hair it is important to protect your hair from damage, to do this always use a good shampoo and conditioner. The benefits of this will be that the hair will become protected and will be less prone to damage during the straightening process. Use a good quality hair dryer that has an attachment to precisely direct the airflow to the desired area of the hair.

Invest in a Good Hair Iron If you want lasting results. On the market today there are many good quality hair irons that have flat ceramic plates and have an adjustable temperature gauge that can heat up to 400 degrees. The majority of the new irons will also be able to add shine and effectively eliminate fizz as well as straightening your hair. Some of the top manufactures of hair irons include Karmin, GHD and Chi, the price of a hair iron can range dramatically from just 80 to over 250 dollars. Make sure you read the specification of each iron before you buy and choose one that meets your requirements.

There are treatments that could be considered if you are looking for an alternative method. One such method is to use a relaxing agent; this is a chemical straightening process that is widely used by African-American women for years. The process involves modifying the actual structure of the hair follicle. This process is not recommended to be done in the home; qualified salon professionals will do this for you. There are different forms of the relaxant depending on the type of hair you have and this will need to be analyzed before starting the process. The treatment will usually cost between 200 and 400 dollars and takes a couple of hours to complete.

If you are looking for a more long term treatment then you would be more interested in Japanese thermal reconditioning. Again this is a salon only treatment and will take several hours to complete, however the results are truly amazing and your hair will remain straight regardless of the weather, washing or any other factor. Any new hair that grows will still grow curly so you need to go back to have enhancements. The process is however on the expensive side and can range in price from 800 to 1500 dollars depending on your hair type. When having this process make sure the stylist is qualified, the procedure is technical and training in this form of straightening is essential.

There are many hair straightening tips and depending on what you require will depend on which technique you would choose. Hair straightening can be done at home or in the salon and you can get great results for the short or long term, follow some of the basic hair care advice to ensure there is not any long term damage to your hair.

By: Kristy Klien