Tips and Ideas for Bridal Shower Party

Pre-wedding parties include the bridal shower party for the soon-to-be bride and stag party for the soon-to-be groom. Focusing on the bridal shower party, this is the perfect time for the bride to get together and enjoy in celebrating her upcoming wedding with her family and friends, also to surprise the bride with showered gifts!

Traditionally, bridal shower parties are prepared by the maid of honor. She is responsible for managing and planning the preparation for the venue, decorations, food and bridal favors. Included in her task is to host the party itself. With ready favors, she has to distribute it to all the guests of the party. But such task can also be imparted to the bridesmaids. Planning and preparing for the bridal shower party can be very challenging. However, it should be done smoothly to commemorate the celebration for the soon-to-be bride prior to her wedding day. This party may refer to different types of bridal shower party themes, it could be traditional theme ideas to trendy and chic style. However, there are important elements that need to be considered when planning to celebrate a bridal shower party.

First, consider making lists of guests. These can be done by the help of groom, mother of the bride and other closest persons to the bride to help compose a guest list. This idea is to surprise the bride, it is no longer a surprise if you ask help from the bride. To address the party invitation, it should only be sent to those invited guests that are included on the wedding invitation as well.

As for the shower party date, it should fall sometime within two months before the wedding day. And again, to plan for a surprise shower party, planning the date should be unnoticed by the bride as well as the groom to make it more safe. But if it's not a surprise party, you could directly ask the availability of the bride for the party.

If you consider a themed shower party, you should pick appropriate themes that suit the bride's taste. The good thing about themed parties is that you can easily come up with decorations, invitations, party favors and other elements of the celebration. Easy and fast preparation for these elements can be achieved by following the theme of the party such as wine shower, romantic shower, lingerie and more. And obviously, there is a plethora of options for these shower themes to choose from.

Following the theme of the occasion, bridal shower favors and decoration should work coordinately. Literally, decorations, party favors and keepsakes come with tons of choices. A wide variety of these items are available in your nearest local specialty stores. For a wider option, consider browsing the Internet, this way you could be able to widen the scope of favor preference. Each store site offers their specialty favors, from simple to extravagant. You may also find a variety of customized favors that can make memorable personalized party favors. Such items you may consider are place cards, t-shirts, bags, candles and other wedding party favors.

By Jannet Verra