Choosing The Perfect Songs For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It marks a notable transition for you as a person. It means you are finally taking that step to share your life with someone you love and eventually build a family of your own together. With these in mind, you would definitely think about making sure that this day turns out to be one unforgettable event for you to experience and what better way of making it special than using the power of songs.

So how do you make sure your play-list fits you and your soon to be spouse? Well, here are some useful tips you can use to choose the best songs perfect for the occasion of your wedding day:
  1. Consult with your spouse - Right off the top of his or her head, they might be able to suggest songs that they would like to use during your wedding day. You might also forget some incidents wherein certain songs have played a very important part in your life so it would be good to have your spouse help you with that. Do it together and you would surely find it such a memorable experience as part of preparing yourselves for the wedding day.
  2. Remember the good old days - When was the first time you met each other? What's the first song you dance with, even if you are not yet a couple? Do you have any theme song? Look back at the memories that you have had with each other and surely, you will find that the highlights of it can be encapsulated through the memory brought by a song. What's the tune blasting in your car radio while you took your first long drive together for a summer vacation. This is definitely one trip worth taking 
  3. Consult your videographer - You might also want to involve your videographer in the process since they will be using the songs you picked for purposes of making your wedding video. They might have a few creative suggestions worth listening to. You should also take note of copyright issues especially if you are thinking of getting your songs burned into a CD which your guests can eventually bring home with them.
    Include some good old songs that are danceable and fun - Weddings are bound to be very emotional but it does not have to mean that you'd let the whole crowd drown in the moment's many different ballads. If the songs you pick for your wedding day would also be heard by the guests, you owe it to them to at least be fun and happy about the moment. Include some fun danceable tunes to which they can relate to so you can make the occasion a really fun and memorable one for everybody present there.
  4. Get a DJ for your wedding party - If you are still not sure with your list of songs, then you can always seek the help of a DJ to work out a good list of songs for your wedding party. You can hire someone who's actually pretty popular around the wedding scene. Having a DJ around is also much better because it allows you to find someone whom your guests could talk to and request some songs with during the party.