20 Wedding Tips You May Never Have

20 Wedding Tips You May Never Have
Church and Reception Reservations
-- Consider any events they have booked earlier in the day, so that there is enough time before your wedding to arrive, get ready, decorate and take pictures.

The Church and Reception -- You may have some special requests that are not mentioned or are prohibited that are in print within the information packet. Ask anyway; they may make an exception or their policy may have changed.

Mother-of-the-Groom -- You more than likely will want to have her involved in the wedding plans to some extent. It may be best to gracefully discuss in the beginning how you would like to have her participation and let her know that you do appreciate her input, but, you will want to be sure the final decisions are in line with what you and your fiance want for your special day.

Pre-Marital Counseling -- Be prepared that you will need to talk about private, sensitive issues (like money, sex, kids, weaknesses) with the counselor or couple-mentors.

Pamper Yourself -- Let the day of your wedding be slow paced and an enjoyable time with your mother and bridesmaids. Don't cram every moment with something that has to get done -- even if that is hair, nail and makeup appointments. Plan in the day some down time, power nap, or relaxing with a cool refreshment.

Both Mothers -- In addition to you eliminating any special responsibilities on your wedding day, make sure that your mother and the groom's mother also have delegated all of their responsibilities to others, so they are free to enjoy the day.

The Weather -- Your ideal dream wedding may be outside, but, for the enjoyment of your guests (especially the seniors), make accommodations for them to be comfortable should it be a hot day, a wet day or a cold day. Your venue should have a place for them to relax within a shelter until minutes before the wedding.

Your Guests -- This day is about you and your husband, but keep in mind the enjoyment of your invited guests. You are their hostess -- so having "Hostess-Helpers" or a "House Party" taking care of special requests will allow you to have an opportunity to enjoy your guests. Be sure to have instructions about the kind of help you would want them to provide. Generally 1-2 nieces, nephews, cousins or friends of the family (male or female) per 75-100 guests will be suitable, depending on how much and what kinds of tasks they will be doing.

Service Provider's Attire -- All of your family and guests are dressed exquisitely for the occasion. It is okay to ask everyone that is providing a service on site for your wedding to either be in a clean uniform or in wedding appropriate attire so that you have no surprises.

Delegate, Delegate -- everything you possibly can. Have your friends and family asked "Can I help you with anything?" You may not at the moment have an idea of how they can be of help, but assure them you really appreciate their offer. Keep their name and any ideas of what they enjoy doing (cooking, calling, physical work, baking, crafts, errands or even the one who will organize all of the helpers). The less you have to do, the more you are able to enjoy the time anticipating your big day.

Nourishment -- Have light nutritious snacks available during the time the girls are getting ready for the wedding (and the guys will want to have a snack tray also). This is a great item that your volunteers can contribute.

Bride's Special Entrance -- Assign someone to make sure the path is clear of guests from where you leave the bridal suite to where you walk down the aisle so your special appearance is grand.

The Guests at the Wedding -- Be forewarned that the church will be filled with people when you prepare to walk down the aisle -- but focus on your "True Love" and any anxiety should wash away.

Photographer -- Make sure she/he has the order of service, and also the timing that each part of the service will take so that they know just when to be at the right place for those key pictures. Also, it may not be necessary to have a picture taken of every combination of all of the relatives with the bride and groom. In ample time before the wedding, discuss the specific pictures that you would like to have taken.

Wrist Corsages -- They seem to be fragile because of the movement and bumping they receive on an active wrist. Attaching the wrist corsage on the wrist that is not the dominant hand is recommended.

Carrying Your Bouquet -- It is easy to tense-up when you walk down the aisle to your husband-to-be (and also when you walk back down the aisle with your husband). The inclination is to pull your arms up toward your chin. OOPS! You are hiding your beautiful gown. Take a deep breath, get calm and let your arms relax on your hips.

Eat During the Reception -- It may be easy to stay busy during the reception and never take time to eat -- especially if there is a buffet. One of the Hostess Helpers can be assigned to make sure you and your Husband try some of the food and have some refreshment from time to time during the reception, so that you do not have a low spot between the wedding and your final destination that evening.

Wedding Goodbyes -- If you are imagining a big farewell by your guests, be sensitive to when family and other guests will want to leave in the evening, and plan your big Get Away before the attendance winds down.

Wedding Planner -- There are many details to tend to concerning a wedding. You can liken the experience to training for a new occupation. If you think you could use some help, consider the services that a wedding planner can offer. Often she knows the best service providers and can pass on to you special pricing she has negotiated with them. The wedding planner can be secured for the entire planning process or just for 'The Wedding Day'.

It's Your Wedding -- It is okay for you to eliminate a tradition or to add a new tradition. Expect that some may be dismayed about your selections, but, making your wedding unique for you and your fiance is more valuable.

Posted with permission from The Bloomin' Texan, March 2007 issue, Texas State Florists' Association, P.O. Box 140255, Austin, TX 78714