Choosing Favors of Your Wedding With Smart

Wedding favors are the unacknowledged little treats which drag a number of unwilling parties to ceremonies they absolutely detest. A number of little kids, who are too young to dab their eyes when the vows are taken, but too old to pee on their mother’s lap during the process, are enthusiastic about weddings primarily due to the favors. Same goes for most grandpas and grandmas, let’s face it, these guys have seen far too many weddings to really want to sit through another, their mind therefore hovers off often to the little favors they will be receiving soon. ‘What will it be’ they wonder while the bride swears her undying love ‘Candies? Bubblemakers?’ they rack their brains in silence.

Given the expectations therefore, wedding favors are a must for every ceremony. Too many hearts stand a chance to be crushed if your wedding doesn’t end with one. So be rigorous while choosing your favors in order to make sure that they are just right. Here are a few pointers for you to consider;


Remember your wedding will probably turn up only once…or well twice….in your entire life time (that is, if you aren’t Elizabeth Taylor of course, but I give you the benefit of the doubt), so you wouldn’t want your guests to go back home with a gift which they will stack up with 20 others just like it somewhere on the floor of their closet. Make sure your favors are unique and in some way reflect you, your spouse, and especially your special day. Keep it connected to the theme of your wedding party or make it personal and give a compilation of your favorite songs. A number of people also gift their guests napkins embroidered with the bride and groom’s names. So take your pick.


Weddings are expensive, so you wouldn’t want to add an extra expense in the form of wedding favors. Choose gifts which you can make yourself to save money. A candle for instance is an easy and inexpensive gift which can be made right at your home, personalize it with ribbons and sparkles to give it a unique look and see how it is appreciated by all.


No matter what you choose to send your guests off with make sure you choose it early on. Like everything else in your wedding favors need to be planned for before making purchases. Take your spouse's opinion regarding the gift you have chosen. Remember it’s their special day too and in case you end up gifting people something he/she doesn’t like it might become a sore subject in the years to come. Consult your friends in case they are helping you out with the wedding. Make sure to have purchased or made your gifts at least two weeks before your wedding. Keep them packed and store them in a safe place to avoid any breakage or spoiling.

Your wedding is a special day for you so make sure your wedding favor reflects that. Remember to keep it simple, stylish and unique and ensure that they are packed beautifully. A great wedding favor will make your wedding a memorable affair for all, but especially for those little guys and the oldies who come to weddings just to know what the favors are….